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siberian husky pups for sale



  • Is Timberline Paws A Puppy Mill???
    Nope! We've spent over 20 years with these bloodlines and one thing we've never been willing to do is constantly restrain our pets to confined areas. Being in a rural area, on a roadway with little-to-no traffic, we've been fortunate enough to have the space within a diverse natural environment for our pets and their puppies to run and play. We only have so many puppies per year, and we do that to ensure our pets live a full life outside of gifting the world with their little ones every so often! Additionally, our pets are our pets, not our "dogs" and we have always been fortunate to be able to provide a happy and healthy daily lifestyle for them!
  • What are your requirements for new owners?
    We prefer to send puppies to homes where the new owners have previous experience with pets, preferably dogs, and have ample space in their home and/or neighborhood for the puppies to play before and after they've grown. If you have no prior pet experience but are willing to learn, we are happy to help you out with a few tips and tricks to get started on the right foot. Raising a puppy is a large but equally rewarding responsibility!
  • How would my puppy be delivered?
    1. Meet Us! If you are in or able to come to the area we would be happy to meet you either at our home or in a convenient location for both of us within two hours of our home, including MCI Airport in Kansas City, and DSM in Des Moines! We always enjoy meeting the new owners in person! 2. Solo Flight ($450 = ticket + carrier + health paperwork) Being centrally located in the US and only 2 hours from three major airports, we have access to so many great options when it comes to flying a puppy to your family solo. The airline services we've been using for years are wonderful and have so much experience with the transportation of pets via airline. Average flight times are just 4-6 hours, so they'll be guaranteed to arrive the same day! For comparison, a flight is always less stressful on a puppy than a long, or multi-day drive in a motor vehicle. And reducing travel stress on a puppy is always a good thing for you, us, and most of all your puppy! The pups travel in a pet cabin on larger airlines (not stacked up in cargo next to your amazon packages!) and have access to food, water, bedding, and will always be in a temperature and pressure controlled environment for maximum comfort! We will gather the necessary information, book the flight, and make the trip to the airport on the day of.Picking them up at the airport is as easy as picking up a loved one flying in for the holidays. Because we are 2 hrs from the airport, I try to make each trip count as much as possible by taking multiple littermates at a time while striving to accommodate everyone's specified times. Therefore, it is very helpful if you can specify multiple dates you (or whomever will be picking your puppy) would be available. After setting a date, we will begin the booking process with the airline services. Because of the inaccuracy of long-term weather forecasts, we are only able to book the flight a maximum of three days in advance. After receiving confirmation, we'll call and/or email you with the air-bill, flight number, flight times, and location where the pup is to be picked up. You will just need to go to this location, provide two forms of ID (ie. license and insurance card), and the air-bill number, and they'll bring your puppy directly to you! All we ask is that you confirm you've received your puppy when you do! We've never had a bad experience with this method, but if you have additional questions please feel free to ask!
  • What are your prices?
    Check out our puppies page for price information!
  • How much is a deposit to reserve a puppy?
    In order for us to hold a puppy for you, we will need a deposit under your name. This deposit is nonrefundable, guarantees you the puppy you've chosen, and will be credited towards the total cost! The deposit amount may vary by breed, so please feel free to text or call us at (660) 582-0769 and we'll let you know!
  • How do I claim a puppy?
    If you wish to reserve a puppy, 1. Fill out the Contact Form on our "Puppies" page with the name of the puppy you are wishing to reserve and a little about yourself and your experience raising a puppy. 2. Call/Text us at 660-582-0769 saying you'd like to place a deposit* and, assuming all checks out with your application, we will send you a link to do so! *Deposits are non-refundable but may be used toward the purchase of another puppy** 3. Over phone, email, or text, we'll set up a delivery date/time sometime between the puppy's 8 & 10 week-old marks!
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We are able to accept cashiers checks, money order, bank transfer, Western Union, cash or PayPal. A transaction fee will be added to all PayPal payments and bank transfers.
  • Who is our Veterinarian?
    Our vet is Gerald Myers DVM. His number is 660-927-3411. Feel free to call to him and verify who we are as well as the quality of care we provide to our pups!
  • What food should I feed my puppy?
    All our puppies are started on solid food using NutriSource's and Pro Pac's puppy foods. A good treat for the puppy is ground turkey meat, canned pumpkin, or a splash of turkey broth! At the early stages in your home, we suggest feeding your puppy once in the morning and once in the evening in order to create a schedule that makes potty training easier for them to pick up on! You can start with 2 cups of feed each time, and depending on the amount they consume either increase or decrease the amount given. NOTE: If you choose to change the brand of food when your puppy comes home with you, we would suggest taking a few weeks of mixing their old brand with the new brand, 50/50, so their gastrointestinal system has some time to adjust to the new brand!
  • What is included with my new puppy?
    All puppies come with puppy shots and worming records, AKC limited papers, a one year health guarantee, and vet check.
  • Do you offer a health guarantee for my new puppy?
    Yes! Please click here for more details!
  • Are your pets and the puppy's parents health tested?
    Yes! Having over two decades of experience with these breeds, we know first hand the importance of knowing exactly the health of new additions to our bloodlines. All of our pets are tested for common genetic issues within their breed and often even OFA tested for common joint issue in certain breeds.
  • Are your pets AKC registered?
    Yes! All of our pets are AKC registered and your new puppy will come, unless otherwise requested, with an AKC Limited Registration. You are welcome to fill the paperwork out and register your puppy with AKC, but by no means is it a requirement!
  • Will my puppy have any training before delivery?
    Yes, some! The pups always have access to an outside area they can venture into as they start to become more ambitious!. By 8 weeks, they'll have the very basics of crate training and will know not to go to the bathroom in the areas they eat/sleep, but may not be able to differentiate the actual outdoors from being in the rest of the house for a while.
  • Are you a licensed & registered breeder?
    Yes! We have been since the beginning and are proud to be in the upper echelon of breeders during every state inspection and registrations renewals!
  • Are there any reviews or references for Timberline Paws?
    Yes, of course! You can read through some of several testimonials on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, or we'd be happy to provide a few references if you reach out to us via email or text! Email: Phone: (660) 582-0769
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