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Timberline Paws Puppy


Quality puppies, their long-term health, and overall well-being are our highest concerns.

Our care extends far past that joyful moment of holding your puppy for the first time!

Over several years of refining our bloodlines, we have selectively bred and introduced only the healthiest of pets. Many of our adoptive families are returning customers, which attests to our high integrity as a breeder. Our puppies are checked for hernias, tooth/jaw correctness, eye problems, joint problems, and other normal issues that can be observed in a small puppy around 6 to 7 weeks of age. If there is something wrong with a puppy that we know of, we will not hide it. Since our dogs have been selectively bred not just for disposition, but also for health, we never expect to find health problems in any of our puppies. But in the rare case that this might occur, we want to make it right with you!


Health Guarantee Terms: 


All dogs bred and sold are represented and evaluated as accurately as possible at the time of sale. All our dogs are all healthy and, to our knowledge, free of any genetic issues.


All dogs bred and sold are checked by a licensed veterinarian around 6-7 weeks of age to ensure that they are sound and in good health at that time. 


At the time the puppy leaves the seller's possession, the dog will be current on all vaccinations, and a complete health record will be provided. Our puppies are de-wormed multiple times and receive all standard puppy vaccinations to date while in our care. It will be up to the new owner to continue this health program. Until this series of inoculations has been completed at about 16 weeks of age, the puppy should not be exposed to premises known to be or suspected of being contaminated or exposed to unhealthy animals. Ask your veterinarian for the recommended healthcare regimen for your geographic location.



Short-Term Health: 

Your new puppy must be checked by a licensed veterinarian of your choice, within five days of delivery, at your cost. If this exam finds the puppy’s health unsatisfactory, contrary to the above statement, or finds any medical issue that is congenital or hereditary, the buyer must notify the seller at this time. The buyer may return the dog, at the buyer's expense, for a replacement dog/puppy of equal value when it became available. 


Timberline Paws is not responsible if your new puppy contracts a communicable disease after leaving our possession. 


Timberline Paws is not obligated to be financially responsible for any veterinary bills accrued by the buyer. 



Long-Term Health: 

Our dogs are all healthy and, to our knowledge, free of any genetic issues. However, if a puppy develops a genetic health problem within one year of its birth that significantly and negatively affects its quality of life, diagnosed by the buyer's licensed veterinarian, subject to confirmation of accuracy by the seller's veterinarian and professional opinion, we want to resolve the issue with you. If the condition is confirmed to be genetic, we may be able to offer to trade a different puppy of the same gender and price. In this situation, the buyer will pay all travel and veterinary costs.


Any medicating or care the buyer provides the puppy will be at the buyer's expense. If reimbursement is deemed necessary, the maximum amount will be limited to the cost of equal treatment by the breeder's vet.


Refunds/exchanges are only given for puppies determined to have an unsoundness/unhealthiness that will significantly affect a puppy's quality of life that was not preventable, subject to confirmation of accuracy by the seller's veterinarian and professional opinion. Injuries received or preventable illnesses occurring in puppies after leaving the seller do not apply to this guarantee.


Timberline Paws reserves the right to refuse services, exchanges, or refunds to any buyer who is hostile or unreasonable at any time during buyer-seller interactions.


Deposits are nonrefundable; all refunds are in the form of replacement of equal value.  


Limited AKC registration is provided by default unless otherwise specified when the sale is finalized. This dog is to receive proper feed and medical care necessary for its health and welfare. Spaying/neutering is recommended.  

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